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Oso-IP Bridges the Gap between IP and Meaningful Returns

Oso-IP has been partnering with patent owners for over a decade. 
With vast experience and expertise in navigating the market, Oso-IP tailors patent monetization strategies to your specific situation.

extensive expertise

While we specialize in licensing and enforcing issued patents and portfolios of any size, we also partner with owners of pending patent applications to strategically procure issued patents that are actionable upon issuance. Additionally, we financially back and advise prolific inventors from invention conception through the entire procurement/licensing/enforcement life cycle. By getting involved earlier in the process, our team can leverage our prosecution expertise to set the stage for maximum returns during subsequent monetization.

flexible arrangements

We accommodate the different needs of patent owners by developing and executing tailored procurement, licensing and/or enforcement campaigns. We are sensitive to the different issues and concerns of a large corporate patent portfolio holder vs. a start-up patent holder and independent inventors. Further, we align our interests with patent owners by investing in the campaign in exchange for a financial stake in the results.

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About Us

Oso-IP LLC partners with all types of patent owners, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, to monetize patent assets. Our mission is to leverage our access to capital and the technical/legal skillset gained from decades of experience to successfully monetize patents to the benefit of inventors and patent owners, whether they be individuals, start-ups, universities, or Fortune 500 companies.


Our team has decades of combined experience.

Kevin zilka

Kevin has 20 years of experience in the intellectual property (IP) field and, as a result of his accomplishments in patent law, has been selected as one of the world’s leading 300 IP strategists by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine. In his IP business endeavors, Kevin brings with him the full weight and resources of his IP law firm, Zilka-Kotab, PC which was founded over a decade ago. At his firm, Kevin and his law firm partner, Dominic Kotab, built a team of over a dozen top-notch patent practitioners; managed thousands of patents/patent applications for Silicon Valley start-up and heavy-weight clients such as IBM, NVIDIA, Western Digital, and Hitachi; represented their clients in rigorous licensing negotiations; and propelled the firm into the realm of Top ~100 patent firms in the nation.

Kevin has advised on hundreds of enforcement, acquisition, licensing, and monetization transactions. He has leveraged his access to capital, the resources of his law firm, and the technical/legal skill set gained from decades of experience, to successfully monetize patents in a variety of contexts:

  • Founded and self-funded numerous companies whose IP assets were monetized yielding over $100M in returns
  • Invested in hundreds of third-party IP assets many of which were licensed to dozens of Fortune 100/500 companies, delivering 7 & 8-digit returns with 1,000%-10,000% ROIs
  • Compensated patent holders with millions of dollars in royalty share payments in connection with the successful monetization of their IP
  • Consistently created significant patent value by turning unmarketable pending patent applications into premier patent portfolios which support 7- to 8- digit transactions
  • Named inventor on over a dozen patents and dozens of patent applications which were successfully monetized from conception-to-enforcement/licensing, generating significant 7 & 8-digit sums
  • Founded a software company that brought product to market, and managed a significant IP-driven 8-digit exit
  • Invented strategic patent intelligence technology that is utilized by leading patent firms across the nation
  • Channeled millions of dollars of IP-licensing revenue to charities which enrich the lives of the underprivileged

While Kevin specializes in every stage of the patent procurement-licensing-enforcement process, his key differentiator is expertise in early-stage IP opportunities that fuses his talents of early recognition of winning technology, strategic procurement of enforcement-ready patents, and development/execution of licensing-centric business strategies from the ground up.

Andrew gordon

Andrew Gordon has years of experience managing complex patent prosecution portfolios and turning them into valuable patent assets. He has worked with groups of all sizes – from individual inventors to fortune 500 companies – in successfully protecting and monetizing their intellectual property. Andrew’s expertise is ensuring inventors realize the full potential of their disclosures. Andrew holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, MBA, and JD.


Our team has proven itself time and time again with innovators, both large and small.

John Abe, CEO, RightMagic, Inc

“My relationship with Kevin Zilka began as a client of his law firm over 10 years ago, where he helped us build a patent program for my start-up. Since then, our work together has transitioned into a business relationship whereby he financially backs my inventions and provides on-going venture guidance. His legal experience and access to necessary funds makes him an essential partner in my continued efforts to achieve a return on my research and development efforts.”

David Smith, President, Tynax, Inc.

“I have known and worked with Kevin Zilka for years through my global patent exchange, Tynax. Having brokered dozens and dozens of his teams’ patents, I personally saw the fruits of their ability to effectively position patents for optimal return on investment. His team is my “go to” recommendation when I have a client whose patent application is not quite ready for monetization due to a need for additional capital and/or expertise.”

Mark Greene, former CEO, VoiceDemand, Inc.

“I have witnessed firsthand Kevin Zilka’s ability to successfully procure and monetize IP. Through an investment of capital and management, his team was able to navigate our pending patent application through the Patent Office and achieve significant licensing results within a year of our engagement. Over subsequent years, his outfit followed through by continuing to grow our single asset into a world-class patent portfolio, identifying additional licensing opportunities, and achieving continued successful patent monetization.”

Matt Bromberg, former Co-Founder, Protean Networks

“Kevin Zilka is a no nonsense guy, who will give you an honest deal and an honest assessment of your IPs potential. True to his word, Zilka and company improved the value of our IP by nearly an order of magnitude, whilst assuming most of the development cost himself. If you are looking for an aggressive and timely approach to improving your IP’s legal standing you would be hard pressed to find a better team.”

Tal Givoly, Entrepreneur former Chief Scientist at Amdocs, Inc.

“Over the last decade, I have had the great pleasure of working with Kevin Zilka both in his capacity as an attorney as well as an IP entrepreneur. I highly recommend him to any IP owner who is looking to maximize the value of their IP.”

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